Our Services

In the 10 years of operation, the experienced senior management and professional railway personnel in E-MAS have provided a full range of key railway disciplines such as:

  • Operations and maintenance management strategies and practices
  • Signalling
  • 160km/hr Rolling Stock
  • Telecommunication
  • Control Center
  • 25kV Overhead Contact line system
  • Traction Power Supply
  • Building and infrastructure
  • Project Management
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Training
  • Documentation

E-MAS experience covers projects, operations and maintenance in high speed rail, commuter networks and railway freight.

E-MAS has performed project evaluation for new projects such as high speed rail and commuter services.

Staff within E-MAS have successfully delivered Operations, Maintenance and Project work in Asia, Africa and Europe.

With this all round knowledge E-MAS is in the position to assist in your Railway Construction or Operation.