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1. Handyman

A multitask handyman required to assist in minor renovation works whenever necessary.

31 October 2018
2. Storekeeper
To ensure that the warehouse and all its storage locations are secured at all times.
30 September 2019
3. Executive, Human Resource
HR Executive responsible in supervising and coordinating all activities of Human Resource Department in line with the department and company's objective and mission. Core responsibilities would involves Compensation & Benefits, Payroll & Salary Management, and Staff Movement.
30 September 2019
4. Technician

Technician responsible to carry out scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities for the ERL trains and systems in accordance to the procedures as assigned.

31 October 2019
5. Operations Train Driver

Train drivers are responsible to ensure safe operation of trains on Main Line and Depot area, prepare trains for service by carrying out specified checks.

31 October 2019